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AdForum speaks to Technical Director, Eric Heaton on the role of a Creative Technologist

Published 2 months ago

Our multi-talented technical director Eric Heaton recently spoke to AdForum on the role of a creative technologist and the future of this role in the metaverse.

He highlights that a pivotal part of being successful in his role is continuous education and research, where a chunk of his time is spent digging deeper into specific areas and applying that knowledge into the creative process at B-Reel. 

“Some of the most interesting solutions we’ve come up with have been looking at older technologies in a new light and using them in ways they were never meant to be used. It’s basically understanding how all the tools in your toolbox work, old or new.”

On the future of the creative technologist in the metaverse, Eric shares that “the metaverse is a new playground for us to play on. It’s going to be one of those spaces that requires us to either grow our existing toolkit or add a new one to our arsenal, similar to the way the AR / VR world has done.” 

Read the full article here

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