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LA Open: B-Reel's Summer Internship Program

Published 9 months agoCulture

This summer has been a special one at our B-Reel office in Los Angeles: it marks the inaugural summer of our newly started internship program, called LA Open. LA Open is an ongoing initiative every summer for High School seniors, who complete a four week internship with us, where they will learn about life at a creative agency, explore different career paths and engage in project work.

The aim of this internship program is to introduce High School seniors to life at a creative agency, give them hands-on work-experience under the mentorship of our team, and create long lasting relationships. This summer, we have been beyond honored to have had four interns from CATCH Prep Charter High School join us in our LA studio for a two week introductory internship.

As it’s the first time we are creating an internship program for High School students in Los Angeles, we wanted to gain the experience and knowledge needed to tailor LA Open after their specific needs, goals, interests and aspirations. Therefore, this year was a two week introductory internship for the students, for them to get familiar with life at a creative agency and gain their first real life work experience, and for us to get to know more about our interns, and together co-create a longer and ongoing internship program starting the summer of 2022.

Throughout their internship, our students have learned more about entrepreneurship, different roles and have explored different career paths at B-Reel through career talks with different members of our team. They have also learned how to create a great portfolio and resume, as well as learned the basics of design through a creative workshop led by our Creative Director. In this creative workshop, our interns got introduced to a creative challenge which involved reimagining the traditional way of reading time, through creating new clocks that change the way time is read. This challenge was aimed to further spark our interns' creative thinking, as well introduce them to new design tools. Their ideas resulted in four new and unique ways to read time:

In addition to workshops and career talks, we have enjoyed daily lunches together, and hang out on our rooftop, where everyone has shared a little more about their life story. As much as we aim to teach our interns, we are grateful for all the things that they have taught us, through sharing with us their unique backgrounds and experiences, aspirations and goals, and helping us shape LA Open. Even our office dog Mia, learned a few new tricks. Thank you Malik, Jhoredin, Zamaya and Chrislynn, we can’t wait to have you back in the studio.

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