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B-Reel is rallying New Yorkers to Stop Asian Hate

Published a year agoAnnouncements

After a significant rise in hate crimes towards the AAPI community, B-Reel is rallying New Yorkers to stand up and Stop Asian Hate.

Today we launched an AR sticker pack on Instagram that gives New York locals and visitors alike a way to engage in spreading visibility while guiding them towards donating to a local AAPI organization, Protect Chinatown.

Protect Chinatown stands to help defend the AAPI community against violent hate crimes, providing safety to the community’s most vulnerable while condemning racism and spreading awareness.

As a city built by a hugely diverse population of immigrants, real New Yorkers know that we get things done by working together. To raise awareness and dollars, we’re taking over the most photographed street in Dumbo, Brooklyn with shareable AR stickers that give a fresh digital platform to the Stop Asian Hate movement.

Our sharable AR stickers are a small way we can encourage New Yorkers to Stop Asian Hate. To make real change, please donate to Protect Chinatown here or to one of your local AAPI organizations pushing the cause to Stop Asian Hate. Download the AR sticker pack from the filter tab on our Instagram account.

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