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Digital Boutique

With the Hublot Digital Boutique, we opened the door to a kind of retail experience the digital space has not seen before. Where physical luxury retail benefits from personalized attention from sales advisors and in-depth exploration of the products, digital retail has been limited. Until now, that is.


Through the Hublot Digital Boutique, the bold technical and aesthetic prowess of Hublot will reach anyone who desires a personal Hublot shopping service. The technologically advanced solution enables Hublot staff to demo products and features in detail and real-time, directly to their passionate clients.

By using existing video call services like Skype and Facetime we have made it easy for any Hublot customer to connect with the service. But the content in the call is much richer than anyone could expect.

Through an advanced bespoke hardware and software set-up at the Hublot boutique, the customer will enjoy rich demonstrations of products, videos, interactive 3D, as well as other significant features which will help staff explain the advanced technology and precise craftsmanship behind every Hublot timepiece. The Hublot staff member can choose from a wide range of tools, cameras, and angles to help showcase the watch during the call. For the customer, everything works just as a regular video call – except that the experience offers a richer experience than any other online sales platform. Hublot Digital Boutique sets a new standard for customer service in luxury retail and reinforces the Hublot promise to go out of their way to meet the high expectations of the client.

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