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Hyundai Elantra CN7 Launch

Wanting to break free from automotive’s most competitive segment vying for the world’s broadest demographic, Hyundai turned their sights squarely toward Gen Z. Our challenge was to attract an entire generation who despises advertising to the all new Elantra.


“This is how you dare.” is a razor’s edge as a creative platform, because brands often fail to walk the walk.  But this was not the case with Hyundai. They understood the importance of flipping the script, and pushing creative boundaries. So while the rest of the world finger-wags millennials for their unapologetic approach to life, we celebrate the power they have. 

Our story is not about traditions they are breaking, but all the things they are making in response. Instead of condemning how they change the rules, we applaud how they change the world. Instead of questioning their behaviors, we let them answer for themselves.

We believe a true expression of optimism is one born out of tension. Our anthem film, out of home executions, and social assets are all rooted in resistance. A powerful showcase of the innovative features, bold design, and technologically advanced new Elantra driven with intention by the real game changers. 

The Hyundai Elantra is the start of a great story. An innovative, unexpected story that is leading us forward rather than back to the old automotive well.

"The project could never have been this successful without B-Reel, and I’m sure that all assets will greatly contribute to CN7’s global sales starting throughout this year.” - Hyundai

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