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Stokke Visual Identity

A brand built on its history and heritage, Stokke has embarked on a mission towards becoming the modern go-to brand for today’s families, with the new brand platform Here We Grow. As a part of this journey, we have introduced a new visual identity that brings this platform to life.

Since its humble beginnings in 1932, design has always been front and center for Stokke. With its iconic Tripp Trapp chair, Stokke is known for challenging the ordinary, with products that are designed to enable connection between parent and child. Our new visual identity embraces the same line of thinking by introducing a look and feel that is built on the playfulness, warmth and emotion that can be found in these moments of connection.

Together with Stokke, we want to bring emotion and relatability to a category, and a time in parents’ lives, that is sometimes overwhelming. Our work aims to transform Stokke into the obvious choice for conscious parents that not only want what is best for their child, but also themselves.

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