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Founded in 2015 by Lebron James and Maverick Carter, Uninterrupted is a storytelling platform for athletes. Guided by the mantra More Than An Athlete, B-Reel helped Uninterrupted’s content reveal a dimension of athletes often filtered out by mainstream media. Empowering athletes to take control of their narrative, the website becomes more than just a viewing platform, it becomes an always-updating connective tissue between athletes and fans.

Through research, workshops, and stakeholder interviews, we crafted a product roadmap to futureproof Uninterrupted’s needs as they build long-term relationships with athletes, cultural influencers, and brands.

We delivered bold, impactful work that challenges conventions and moves the Uninterrupted brand forward. As inspiration we looked at the blending of subcultures; for example fashion blending with street culture, sports, music and art. The results are fresh editorial look and feel with punchy use of color, unique typography, and a modular grid layout. Our approach to motion design maintains a steady flow of content throughout the site which keeps it feeling fresh whilst expressing the Uninterrupted ethos.

Uninterrupted’s updated aesthetic and voice is authentic, proving its relevance to potential sponsors, brand partners and future superstar athletes, alike.

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