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Vogue Scandinavia, published by Condé Nast, partnered with B-Reel for the launch of its first issue and digital presence, with the aim to build a luxury digital product, rather than just another fashion media outlet.

Voguescandinavia.com is a mobile first platform that integrates the trademark Vogue journalism with user flow and features inspired by the best social media and digital shopping experiences out there – a rich world of stills, gifs, videos, tap stories and AR for a more inspiring, immersive and engaging magazine experience.

The visual concept is influenced by a romantic view on Nordic nature, including the pioneer abstract artist Hilma af Klint. Together with Ateljé Altmann, we created a new font – “Hilma” – dedicated to the artist and developed from her automatic writing, which involves writing without consciously guiding the movement of the pen on the paper. The concept was also applied to the packaging which won a Red Dot Design Award in the Brands & Communication Design category.

The print edition of Vogue Scandinavia can only be bought through the online shop integrated on the site, together with a selection of exclusive Vogue products. Built in 3D and with seamless transitions while browsing the products, the store becomes a virtual representation of a luxury flagship store.

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